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An Internet-of-Things (IoT) and M2M professional services & technology consultancy, and hardware and software development company. We have specialist skills in working with IoT Application Enablement Platform’s (AEP’s), analytics, and many different types of embedded hardware, sensor, and wireless solutions. We also advise businesses in M2M & IoT verticals on new products and services strategies, as well as corporate, enterprise, and government entities looking for real-time sensor information to power advanced analytics insights and decision making capabilities.

What We Do:

We specialise as an Internet-of-Things (IoT) & M2M professional services consultancy, and in IoT software & hardware development guidance. We’ll help with the high-level strategy, and the detailed technical views - and yes, the details are important!

Rapid IoT PoC's

Assistance with the development of rapid M2M & IoT Proof-of-Concepts (PoC’s) — lower business risks by testing the validity of ideas, before production run commitments. This is end-to-end solutions also, not just connecting devices. 

Libelium HW Sensors

We can provide professional software development for Libelium’s WaspMote based Plug & Sense sensors and Meshlium embedded Linux OS gateway hubs. There are cost-effective wireless Smart-City, Smart-Ag, Smart-Water, Smart-Metering, Smart-Parking, Smart-Security, and Smart-Environment sensors.

Jasper Wireless API Integration Specialists

Providing consulting and software API integration development skills for customers using the global Jasper Wireless IoT platform. Jasper’s API’s allow detailed cellular M2M device and plan management. M2M DevKits are available also.

Professional Services

We provide full-spectrum M2M & IoT consultancy and professional services to businesses and start-ups seeking guidance and advice on their IoT product development and transition strategies. We show how to enable real-time connected smart products and services.

Cellular M2M PTC Guidance

Need to submit your new M2M device through Spark New Zealand’s Permit-To-Connect (PTC) telepermit test process? We can assist with this, by guiding you through the necessary steps and artefacts that are required for cellular M2M device PTC test submissions.

IoT and Mobile Development

In some use-cases, mobile applications play an important role in the IoT as well. We have many years of mobile application development experience with all major platforms, and can advise on application development strategies accompanying IoT solutions as well.

AsiaPac Specific IoT Projections for 2020

Projected Overview

The number of  “things” connected to increase from 3.1 billion to 8.6 billion by 2020, according to market research firm IDC. By 2020 the projected IoT services industry will be worth $129 billion dollars annually.

Device Segments vs Revenues

While consumer IoT will play a part in revenues, the bulk will surface from the enterprise, government, and ICT infrastructure sectors. Smart-Cities, Smart-Metering, Smart-Manufacturing and Telecommunications will play leading roles.

Market Opportunity

The bulk of IoT market earnings opportunities will be derived from applications (IoT Application Enablement Platforms, and edge device intelligence), with huge opportunity growth also in the IoT professional services and connectivity arenas.

Industries by Country

China will continue to dominate the Asia/Pacific region growth, accounting for 59% of the APeJ market opportunity by 2020, but it is also the least mature market – South Korea, Australia and New Zealand exceed China by a factor of 6 for maturity of markets.

Did you know...

New Zealand and Australia are well advanced with “Smart-Agriculture” IoT solutions, and this will go from strength-to-strength. By 2020 more sheep than people will be ‘connected’!

Commodity devices can be used for rapid IoT PoC’s

With the plummeting prices and increasingly advanced features of commodity and hobbyist embedded IoT boards, you can select a low-cost board that matches your development environment and tool-chain strategy, and begin immediately testing your connected device ideas. Most IoT and M2M Application Enablement Platforms (IoT-AEP’s) that do the ‘heavy lifting’ of analytics, alerting, and data visualisation (and more), can utilise these class of devices today. We can assist with guidance around this, and whether this option makes sense for your project.

Enabling the IoT

We work closely with customers, M2M VAR’s, OEM’s, Systems Integrators, and mobile telecommunications carriers on ensuring a professional outcome that meets everyones objectives. If you’re stuck with the ‘how-to’, contact us to see if we can remove this barrier for you.